ever been to a really cool rave, you know, where you just wanted to dance and dance, you were in love with the music and just couldn't get enough....

.... so you do something about it .....

and that was that, after going to raves for about a year or so, i decided i had to take it up a level and start mixing myself :) (jftr december 2000)

after saving up some money, i bought my first decks and mixer - 2 x soundlab dlp32s's and a soundlab dsm30 mixer, which was tha bomb :) and then began the long and hard struggle of practise... however a year (or so, depending on when you read this) i can now say i'm pretty trick on the dex ;)

oh and the music i play, mainly trance/hard house, though i do like to dabble in some garage and a bit of funky house.... y'see, multitasking! :)

of course, i have upgraded my decks and stuff since and now own one shit hot set of djing equipment (see below for pix).

2 x technic's sl1210 m3d's with ortofon concorde n/club carts
1 x tascam cd302 dual cd player
1 x pioneer djm600 mixer
1 x sony mvr700 headphones

and to play on them, at current count, around 300 copies of the wax. (i'll try and get a list or summit put on as it would be nice for myself to keep track of em!), plus as many cdr's that i can burn (no song can escape me, hahahahaha!)

yeah, picking a name, one of the hardest things to being a dj :) i didn't want to use my true name, cause it would be a well odd dj name, so you will now see on all the posters and interviews (yeah right!) - dj apex

ooeer missus :) ok, heres some photos i took with me camera, but its a bit hard to get a good shot as i can't go far enough back (wall u see :))

(click a photo to load it full size)

you wont' catch me anywhere famous yet (i gotta get some little gigs first!) but with all the time that i am now able to put it, i should be out and about soon (even if it is just at jamies and mates :)) ... anyway, as soon as i do summit, the photos will go up, in the meantime, i'll look at trying to get some cd mixes online...

dj apex - keep it spinnin'


Sunday, 7 March


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