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I want to go out and have some fun!!!
hey guys. just written cos i'm at work and i'm bored. i was thinkin that we should go to the littern tree in kingston, like we did ages ago. it was fun. let me know people.
gowry??? weirdo!!
looks like nobody wanted to go to the litten tree gazza!! haha!!! you are soooooooooooo crap! hello btw!! i want my CDs back!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Miss bonbon
gd idea brains
well we should go out soon coz i'l be free nx week as well as broke but something will cum up, i shall mug a blind woman or something 4 pocket money. who knowz....
and also we gotta get OLIVIA OUT. coz i think shes 4gotten me and im cryin. (o and shes rich so she can buy me drink! hehe)

k tx me guys

ha ha
ha! Paul actually we did go out...maybe not to the littern tree but to the tun. so ha! and Ha! again cos bon bon wants to go out! ps Your never getting your cd's back!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
re: I want to go out and have some fun!!!
gowry u snidy lil cow! i did get mycds back soooooo ner! i got 6 new ones
destinys remix, jlo remix, ashanti, pink, missy elliot and brandy! cool eh! and you aint gettin none of em!! hahahahaha coming out this weekend guys?? cos i am! hurrah!

love to y'all


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Monday, 25 January


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