Richard OKeefe ( ) 24/05/2005 17:14:48
Nice one, but i think you should focus on improving a little bit and putting new content. Ohterwise i always encourage such ideas.
Ben Griffiths ( ) 29/04/2005 14:06:09
I Have Your Name!! Woooooo!!! The Name Rocks!!

My website is
Cheryl 02/03/2005 11:57:10
Hi Ben,

Just thought i'd see if your page was up and running!

Obviously it is!!

Hope u r well, take care C x
mike ( ) 29/08/2004 13:30:19
Suzy ( ) 09/07/2004 04:07:44
Hia. Graet website nice 2 see some1 else is havin tunza fun in this world!!!
Pablo Alison- innit ( you know that! ) 08/07/2004 12:44:04
Cool end of sixth form pics Ben- I like it lots- I recall that 'heated debate' with Haroon very well!!!

excellent stuff
Corby ( ) 20/02/2004 21:03:46
Hi Ben,

Nice site mate, just checking out the pics of my brat sis, forgot what she looked like!

Take it easy,

Paulo ( ) 24/11/2003 17:35:25
ahhh miffy my arch nemesis! i was wondering how long this would take you! i am back to exact my revenge upon your worthless soul! mwhahahahahahaha
Miffy 24/11/2003 13:40:15
i have been waitin for ur return, Paulo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul The Great ( ) 07/11/2003 15:25:40
Yes I'm back...from outta la...ok i forget the rest of the song!! how low my life has sunk to be writing on ben's site that no one has written on for ages!!! you know did we ever find out who wrote that nasty stuff?? bon cheating on her bf with ME!!! hahahaha! that really made me giggle yet again! well done whoever that was! right i need a in search for some gay porn, or maybe some animal stuff...or even hetro cos im that horny! ooooh lesbo porn...eugh going too far!!

toodle pip my cuties

mwah mwah

jessica griffith ( ) 23/10/2003 17:14:36
hey sup all nothin much here but so borad so if anyone wants to chat just email me ok !!!!!!!!!!
pv ( ) 19/04/2003 00:49:03
remember ur not a salmon
mystery ( ???????????? ) 18/04/2003 21:33:30
how r u all? anyone got any gossip to tell everyone. anything new happened to any 1. ppl talk
monika ( ) 18/04/2003 13:36:39
ben seni seviorum M.K.G.'74
monika ( ) 18/04/2003 13:33:46
I mis jou!
paul 28/03/2003 14:14:23
I am the almighty powerfullllllllllllllllllllllllll with lots of l's hurrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
:-) ( :-0 ) 22/03/2003 11:38:18
well i happen to agree with the retaking of the GCSE u obviously have had a poor educationremember what goes around comes around & we will find out who u are so watch your back!!!!!!!!!
; ) 17/03/2003 10:10:37
hmm, pleasant message! If your going to be nasty to people you should say it to their face. You might want to consider re taking your English GCSE, arent should be aren't, iz should be is and finally powerful is only spelt with one 'l' not two!!!
? :) 12/03/2003 16:30:34
My god, you lot are all bastards arent you, not only iz Ali cheating with Richard M (Harrys best mate), but BONNIE has cheated on her BOYFRIEND with the All powerfull Paul OLeary (and a couple more for good measure). YOU SICK SHITS...
lu 16/12/2002 11:10:53
AW Bless it's a mini ben!
ben griffiths ( ) 13/12/2002 17:02:17
hi im ben griffiths too. im nearly 16 and live in cornwall
x 11/12/2002 18:44:13
no offence ben, but we want to see pics of us and interesting things not you boppin up and down :)
Ben ( ) 11/12/2002 02:35:18
i'll try and take me camera clubbing next time (if it'll fit in me trousers :)) so you can all see me raving :) hurrah! if not, i guess chrimbo or summit!
becks 06/12/2002 16:37:49
no pictures. poop. where did everyone go? sob sob
Miffy 04/12/2002 15:26:30
AH so you return paulo, been too scared to show your face! i think that your comment is ironic seeing as you have written most of this guestbook! you must perish!
pauly 03/12/2002 00:42:35
i totally agree!!!!!!!

this site is poop
m 29/11/2002 16:55:52
who ate all the monkeys! i did i did!
babysei ( ) 23/11/2002 00:02:18
Dunno how i ended up here but it very impressive ben....its a good little website.
yar 22/11/2002 13:26:26
here here, i agree!!!! long live bleurgh!
Bleurgh! 22/11/2002 13:24:57
Ben, is it possible for you to remove some of your pictures? They make me nauseous and weepy. I may need help to recover after this long and trecherous ordeal. I know you can, for the love of God, do it! You have brought bad karma to your website and you need to ammend this NOW! Haven't you wondered why your ratings have dropped? Selfish bastard.
loyal servant 04/11/2002 16:51:56
yay! the queen has returned!
Long live queen borka!
borka 21/10/2002 15:12:05
poor ben. no one writes in here anymore. i think we need to start a revolution!
air 11/09/2002 12:49:15
errr.. hello.........**silence** ........ ok
Miffy 05/07/2002 13:51:58
oh dear i am challenged by a fool!
For you should know i am a rabbit and therefore do not sniff cats bums!
I feel sorry for you, human, maybe i shall have to go easy on you! see you saturday you mere mortal!!
Paulo the magnificent 30/06/2002 13:12:29
grrrrrrrrrrr! ben i see you have choosen who you shall back! well you have choosen wrong for miffy will die!! hahahahahahah and the world will be mine! miffy is a poof! i will see you at arthur's boat at 12 noon on the 6th! i have no weakness miffy you slob! but i know yours! hahahaha it is your love of cats bums! i shall bring cats that u will not be able to resist then defeat u
! death to miffy! long live your new master or earth paulo the magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
B.Monkey 25/06/2002 16:18:08
Fat MOnkey don't ever pull that face again. It was so scary that everyone at the office ran away.
love you lots, even though your fat. xxx
Ben ( ) 23/06/2002 10:58:53
Go Miffy!
Miffy 01/06/2002 15:26:08
i accept your dual, but i chose the place.
Arthur's boat.
Be there at noon, for i know your weakness!!!!
ah ahahahhahaahh
MIFFY lives 4ever!!!!!!!
Paulo the magnificent 29/05/2002 12:27:24
i shall never die! it is you that shall die miffy! i challenge you to a dual! 12 noon at the abandonned coalmine! be there or be square and die like a man! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
miffy RIP
Miffy 21/05/2002 16:35:54
You mother f*@$er!!!!
Im gonna kill you. Ahha hhahhahhahahahahhaahha
Paul RIP
he ehehehhehehehe
Paulo the great ( ) 17/05/2002 14:30:45
i stole your stupid body! and it dont fit!!argh! ok i am all alone now! everyone has left me! oh mylordy what shall i do? topmyself! yay! good
Miffy 08/05/2002 13:37:47
who stole my body!!!!
ben ( ) 30/04/2002 11:52:15
ok everyone i've added the forum i was talking about, now makes it a bit easier to discuss things.

click the link to 'chat forum' on the top right and type away.

woop woop!
tyler... the old guy!! 19/04/2002 19:21:08
hey everyone!!

just thought i would "pop" in and
say hi!!! so how are you all doing??
great i hope!! well, some people are
coming to aus!! shows how smart you
are!! hehehe! oh and did you notice
the name ali?!? i admit that i am really
an old fart that is 70!! are you happy?
i hope you are!! well it is REALLY late
here... 4:30am!! well catch you all

Tyler xx
paulo 16/04/2002 10:48:45
laaaaaaaaaaaaa! i'm back!! yay!!! andrew you are very very sad!! bonbon dont fall for his tricks!! see ya'll very soon!! love always paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
k 14/04/2002 23:03:04
If it's not arse bandits it's dope smugglers on this site.
AgonyAunt BonBon 10/04/2002 21:52:33
sorry to hear ur walking sideways and u wana b straight. wel well LOVE WHO U R!!! U R BEAUTIFUL. Love urself. respekt.

hello people how r we all? im feelin a bit more alive now. so neway hope 2c yall again
colin the crab 08/04/2002 22:01:50
i was wondering if any one of you humans could help me. my dilema is that i can only walk sideways, which is kinda annoying to say the least. my mate callum the crab was in the process of teaching me when he was tae'n away from me, and made into crabsticks. alternativly if you would like to make a donation to the 'crabs walking straight society' feel free. i'm sure that when i can walk the walk i'll be able to talk the talk, if y'a kno watta meen!!
BonBon 07/04/2002 00:50:32
hiya sorry i didnt come out with u guys, im so tired. i went 2crash @ my mates house and now im trippin. we smoked som good shit mon.
Ben ( ) 29/03/2002 01:14:07
Hey All,

Had a great time on Wednesday, cool, thnx for inviting me :)

See y'all soon!!!
BingBong!! 26/03/2002 01:30:45
hello cookie monster, mayb u should 4get the cookies coz i never c u actually eating them. u just put them in ur mouth and the stuff just goes everywhere. hey, mayb u shud be the Cock Monster, coz that wud work, and u wouldnt need 2 swallow. u lucky tramp!

oh well.... hello u guys, cant wait 2 mcluskys, neva bin there b4! :)
cu round u slags
cookie monster 23/03/2002 23:54:21
i'm slowly getting pissed off with cookies. perhaps i should try some digestives or maybe some ginger nuts... umm tasty
BonBon 21/03/2002 20:15:06
hiya guys, how are we all? im bored shitless!!!!!!!

me love u short time now
Ben ( ) 20/03/2002 01:03:48
OK so it had to happen, i just can't get something and it will be all fine.

Look at what someone did to my car!>!? WHYYYY?!?!?

WHY OH WHY OH WHY?!? I loved that car... it had better not cost too much... first the stereo now the whole thing... donations to me at the usual address :)
becks 19/03/2002 23:53:45
hello! its me!! choo chooo
Paul ( ) 06/03/2002 12:02:11
right its been ages since i have written!! sooooooooo hello!! wats going on with everyone!>!>?! love the new pics! where da christams eve though!! shame on you ben
ALBERT 26/02/2002 18:48:52
Ben ( ) 18/02/2002 23:41:05
Woo hoo! Titus lives! Yes the new server is (just about!) working so the new photos will go on tomorrow! Yip Yip!
oh and useless fact 4 the day: i now got 260 vinylz :) w00p w00p!
G 15/02/2002 11:02:42
Close this guestbook down or edit the entries; it's a disgrace.
Ben ( ) 12/02/2002 18:51:04
Ok people sorry for the non updates, the server to run all this has arrived finally, but faultly! Hopefully the new one arrives tomorrow, then I can get all the new photos up (christmas, new year + my birthday).

and yes paul, that includes your page too, as well as a messageboard, so we can have sensible comments here and the rest in the mb :)

rexpekt - ben
Marky 09/02/2002 12:25:13
Hoorah for Paul!!! Brave boy!!!

And to all you fags/benders/fudge packers/queers/me/paul etc etc out there, page 38 of Boyz magazine features ME! yay!

Happy Saturday the ninth of february everyone. and may princess margaret rest in peace.

Paul-we're going out again soon. One monday in a few weeks time we'll do the ku bar then do poptastic @ heaven. it'll be great!

See ya later you bunch of hairy people!

Paulo! 06/02/2002 14:33:31
Ben where's my page!! grr! i want it!! bonnie you keep your hands away from my ass!! got it!! well...ok dont keep it that far away!! bon's you the best i love ya!! and i love you all who have been soo cool about me!! thanx to you all!! oh how emotional!!

love ya fuckers!!
x x x x x x
Tyler 31/01/2002 13:05:12
Hey-ey everyone! Hi Bingo... Paul told all about it! hehe! anyway... just wanted to say hi and yeah. Oh yeah, Paul... I am bigger than you so I will kick your ass! :P well hmmmm... gonna go now

bye everyone
Bingo! 29/01/2002 00:52:52
yo bitchboys and slag rags
happy bday ali
and hello to every1!!!! those who were there@railway it was fab seein ya ugly faces again (apart from paul, ur beautiful, but only behind)
we gotta meet up again soon and hava boogie nite :D
oh yeh,&hi 2 tyler u seem fab & pauls gona smuggle me in2 aus up his crack so that wen we meet.... well, u shud work it out and paul should know neway,,, we have our negotiations dont we, yen whore?

gotta go & i love u all
including both my pauls
sale time nearly ova!
so now im not 1 dowla
dis time u pay more
dats coz u fat ugly whore!!

Paul O'Pee Wee 28/01/2002 09:39:08
hey hey! its ali's birthday!!! yay yay!! shes gay!! happy birthday! my little deep fat fryer! i love you! and i said happy birthday to you! love always jemima
(your best friend!)
bingbong 25/01/2002 01:12:39

u slags!

im arted out. sorry theres nuthing much 2say. ur all queen tarts and wanks


hapi bday ben!

Paul O'Pee Wee 23/01/2002 12:36:33
oh my!! new yorkshire ben!! run dont ever come back here! do not get stuck in this tangled web of nothingness and crazy antics!! run run away from me and the rest of us!! please for your own good!! it is bad here!! but i love it!! hahahahaahaha!!
Ben Griffiths ( ) 22/01/2002 22:45:49
Hey, my name is Ben Griffiths aswell! I am 20 in yorkshire.
Paul O'Pee Wee 22/01/2002 10:50:04
yay!! ben is giving me my own page! so everyone can write their pointless messages in my area!! woo!! woo!! but really how are we meant to write anyhting un pointless if you put no new pictures up!! what are we supposed to write!!
Ben it was nice to see you yesterday!! you should come again!! although my room stank of brown sauce!!! eugh!! well see you all soon!!
oh my god!! happy Birthday ben!! have a great day!!
Ben ( ) 20/01/2002 14:48:12
C'mon people - I appreciate your entries on my guestbook because they make me look popular :-) I'm gonna have to shut the guestbook down if ya all keep on making pointless entries. More pics coming soon. Ben.
Marky 20/01/2002 01:20:29

I am absolutely pissed out my head but happy cos I can still spell reasonably well. Just to say I love you all. (well, mostly), most of you are ok. Just some exceptions. aND SGUESS WHAT!?


anuway, love to you all. Most of u anyway.

x x x
Paul O'Pee Wee 18/01/2002 12:31:59
A formal apology:
to MR M. Jones!
Dear sir i am very sorry for accusing you of putting my number up on the net!! soooo sorry!! and however it was is gonna die!!!!! raaaaaa!!! well i'm very sorry!!
Paul O'Pee Wee 17/01/2002 09:25:14
Oi!! boss it seems that you are the one that should be banned from the site if you dont want batty boys!!! fucking pussy!
Mark what the hell are you on about? you is CRAZY boy!! but i am sorry for putting your number up!! even though YOU put my number up on it!!! bastard!!
Bon Bon!! good job!! you've been doin well!!! no wonder you are soooo very sore!! i'll come and give you some of my wonder potion!!! its good for everything!!! yeah hope to see you very soon!! lots of love to you all!!

BingBong! 15/01/2002 23:26:27
hello my queens
how ru all? hope all is well?well im fkn bored. i'll c u all slags soon hopefully :D
Paul, u slag in a bag with ur fag. whore! howz the yen goin? ive made about $308574620825097 i reckon thats about a tenner in pounds.

...gosh thats alot! all that xmas overtime done me good and sore!
know what i mean oleary? u fellow whore?
yes i have 1 big dick and bex has 4
ooh and this rhymes what great galore!

love u all
u numb tarts wit yo farts and yo bum arts ;)

The Boss 15/01/2002 18:36:21
Firstly - Paul. Thank you for the edited version of your burger bar story. For the rest of you though, he didn't go in and find bodies everywhere. He was attracted to the smell not of burgers, but 'something' else, and was then burgered up the arse by a batty boy named Mark. How do I know? I don't, but it's obvious that's what happened.

Secondly - A note for the webmaster - Delete this guestbook as it disgraces your whole site. Make a 'no batty boys allowed' guestbook instead.
Mark 15/01/2002 17:59:39

Paul, I do not believe you put my number up. Mind you, I'm changing it very soon anyway. Just remember O'Leary, marky has a lot of gossip about you. Don't make me tell everyone because I seriously will. I mean it. And who is this tyler person? Isn't he your BOYFRIEND????
Still, if anyone wants to know this news (and it is news of the world type stuff) text me on the number below.
He he he!!!!!!
Paul O'Pee Wee 15/01/2002 12:32:51
oh my god!!! yesterday i was walkng along when i heard this booming noise and the crunching the crunching of human bones!!!! then i noticed these cracks on the ground! i wasa quite curious so i followed these cracks! i followed them to a burger bar!! i went in! there were dead bodies everywhere! i followed the cracks some more into the kitchen!there i saw the most scarey thing ever!! i wet my pants!!! it was... it was... john-jo!!!! nooooooooooooooo!!! argh!! i ran and notified the queen! who came! and called the police and gave herself a medal!!! damn!!! her!!!
Tyler 15/01/2002 12:31:26
Paul!! i am not a mouse, and i don't smell like goats cheese!!
Tyler 15/01/2002 12:28:35
Hiya everyone... Hi Paul. Well ummm i only know paul soo yeah. Arthur! Paul told me to tell you that you have a death threat. So... Arthur, you have a death threat! well i'm gonna go.

Paul O'Pee Wee 15/01/2002 12:23:49
tyler is a mousse!! he smells like goats cheese! but he is cool so everyone write nice stuff back to him! got it!! or i wont grace you with my presence any more!!! and you will all die!
paul!! 15/01/2002 11:47:46
oh my god! what is this persecute paul page! how dare you!! i want NO death threats!! argh!! i'm sooooooooooooooangry! and who put my mobile number up on the net!!!
MARK JONES WAS IT YOU!! i aint no brother grim!!
call mark if you want someone to abuse!!
BROTHER GRIM LOVERRRR 14/01/2002 11:22:51
Hey alex....
I have a metal fetish. Into copper, steel, nickel and starting to get into non-precious metallic elemements. Call me if ur interested. I like to shag hot studs like you. 07905240716 call me.
alexander ridel 12/01/2002 18:10:07
i'm looking for a pull. anyone interested please call me
Jock Mcfatthem ( ) 10/01/2002 20:16:12

i'm into pigeons. i have a pigeon den called 'the p forum'. i invite along a multitude of friends all pigeon lovers. plucking is my favourite job. dwayne is my favourite one. gareth was my first a few years ago but he eaten by a rotwillier!!!!
A Death Threat. 10/01/2002 18:46:07

This is a death threat.

I'm hereby issuing it to the following person:



Prior to your death, you are advised to stay well away from Wimbledon. The borough will NOT tolerate people that serve from the other court.
becks 10/01/2002 16:48:48
hello u freaks. im going to sleep in a cave and eat rats bollocks. take care and praise to the queen.
paulo 10/01/2002 16:47:04
hi its me paul o'pee wee again, i just wanted to say that my new business has started, anyone who needs stomach implants please call me.
paulo 10/01/2002 13:13:56
mark you is nuts!
Mark again 09/01/2002 13:52:00
Just had bad guilt trip over making humour of the illfated events on April 14th 1912. (or was it the 12th in 1914) May the titanic and all her occupants/passengers/Leo Di Caprio rest in peace.
Mark 09/01/2002 13:49:48
Death threats!? ME????? Nooooo
OK then. Arthur, ever seen Titanic? That will be a real life experience for you shortly! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!
Paul 09/01/2002 13:14:05
hurrah! BonBon you are alive!! yay! you'd better be comin out soon cos i am gathering a mob to go and burn arthurs bout with him on it! oh like a viking funeral except that he will burn alive!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahhhaa!1 ok paul calm down!! breath! slowly! oh yes he will die! could anyone that writes here please leave death threats for arthur! thank you very much! and that includes you too ali! slut! Bonbon you slag! hows work going! i did great over the festive period 56,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 yen!! woo woo! bout 10!! i hear you gota sale goin! you must be busy girl!! everyone must come to wimbledon on friday as i am declaring that die the new new years eve! got it?! so everyone must come and celebrate wit me!! yay! parttyyy!! cool! well i'll probably write to you all again soon! laters! love you guys more that tne slag bonbon does!!

BingBong! 08/01/2002 23:19:48
hello everyone, its me bonbon!!!
hope u had a gd new yrs party considering some1 fked it up4 fat whore paul?! well, it was really fab seein u guys the other week bak in yates, and yes mark, ur paul was lovely 2have met :D not as nice as MY paul tho, dont u think?! HAHA! no, i love ya really, and twas lovely seein u all.
well, neway to all :::happy new yr::::
im bak in college now where i can make up bullshit stories of my traumatic life about bein a whore in my beautiful masterpieces.
love u all -ya slags with ya bags and ya fags
The Boss 08/01/2002 15:35:35
It is not Thursday 22nd March today.

It wasn't yesterday either, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that (which was a Monday), or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that, or the day before that (which was a Friday). And, if I remember correctly, the day before that wasn't Thursday 22nd March either as we would only be as far back as November 2001 by this stage.

Get your dates right.
Paul O'Pee Wee 08/01/2002 14:26:00
ARTHUR MUST DIE!! i'll pay anyone anything to do this for me!!
Paul O'Pee Wee 08/01/2002 10:57:05
hello everyone! i'm back! yay! its ok bout the money mark! though i DO want it back before you go to Oz!! ra! Ben we wanna see those pics so get em up! a Big thank you to Ben and Gowry for saving my new years eve! and catherine for coming later! you guys are great!! oh i think i'm gonna cry! and a big bleargh ra DIE!! to arthur for being such a prick as to bring drugs to a nice place like babels!! raaaaaaaaaaaaaa! dieeeeeeeeee!
johnjo 06/01/2002 20:11:01
watch 'fat club' on ITV 1. its my whole family! love johnjo xxxx rahh rahh
Ben ( ) 03/01/2002 20:51:44

The photos will go on as soon as i go back to uni (i may pop in on tuesday) as they're huge and would take way too long from home :)

Hopefully the next time i see you all, we won't be kicked out :P xxx
becks 02/01/2002 20:11:18
BEN! when are u gonna put the xmas eve pics up?! xxx
ARFURRRRRR 02/01/2002 19:10:03
Hello everyone. If u want any pills come to me. Very cheap and discretion is my middle name.
HA HA HA! It is I JONES! What a fool Monsieur Riedal is. How dare he ruin Paul's new year. REBORKA! SUMMON HIM TO UR PALACE OF JUSTICE AND WHIP HIS HYDE! Happy new year everyone. And sorry about the 10 Paul. And thanx to everyone for being nice to my Paul. He thought u were all really nice. What the hell is wrong with him!!!?????
queen borka 02/01/2002 00:19:11
hello, hope u all had a good new year apart from that incident with arthur! with his head!
bonbon 26/12/2001 17:54:54
shit u guys shud hav watched braindead last nite! loved that film!!! hehee

becca, i want some of ur marshmallows, i want to toast them so theyre crispy and runny wen i suk them. u can have my coconuts, i promise u can suk the milky part after uve found my hairy nipples :D

and to everyone else, i promise a hand job @ the body shop next time u visit! teehee

bonbon ( ) 26/12/2001 17:49:46
hello peeps!! hope u all had a nice xmas? i just stayed in my pjamas watching crap tv and wanked all day Oh i love u all!
oh by the way, its sale time now - 10 Dowlla - but now down to 5 dawlla!! cu there paul ;) i missed u guys on xmas eve, sorry. u shuda cum by body shop, i was workin there till 8pm!!! poo.
queen borka 25/12/2001 19:58:48
Ben ( ) 25/12/2001 02:35:01

Woo Woo!
Paul O'Pee Wee ( ) 20/12/2001 10:21:00
Yes, Yes i do have a sick, sad obsession with this site! please help me!yesterday was really fun! railway from 2 then cheapy cheap drinks in Bier Rex! oh what fun!! nice to see you your majesty! and bon bon too! she gave me a hand job at the bodyshop!! yay! Merry christmas all!! love Paul
queen borka 16/12/2001 23:52:00
hello all! god, all these msgs. i think that paul has an obession with this. dint you have nething better to do with ur time, u pleb?!

friday was great, pitty johnjo didnt fit throu the door! at least his smell lingered.

well, best be off to tend to my poodles. love from me. xxxxxxxxx
paul 13/12/2001 14:09:09
loser you are a loser boy!
this friday! everyone to the railway for queen borka's birthday! you better be there!
8-(I) 06/12/2001 23:00:01
Yes, you're a poof with irritable double-clicking syndrome.
paulo 06/12/2001 10:02:11
i sent that twice i'm sorry i just dunno whats wrong wit me anymore! can anyone shed some light on the problem?
paulo 06/12/2001 10:00:35
dunno yet i'm homeless! wit no fone!!! argh!!

sadly we bumped into mischa yesterday!! BORING!!! he looks like mr neil-smith - super loser!! help me peeps!
Mark ( ) 05/12/2001 20:41:31
I take it back. You are tres pretty. As pretty as a cross between Mischa and the late great Keddie!!!!!
I cannae come to Queen Reborka's shindig but because I live in the same county as her royal highness I shall be sure to take her to KFC and share some popcorn chicken with her. WHERE'S BONNIE'S THING!???
Paul o'pee pee 05/12/2001 15:13:31
Ben ( ) 05/12/2001 13:18:30
OK, which of you bastards nicked my stereo?? when i find you.... GRRRRRRRR.. yes, the head unit, boot changer and all my cds gone. even had the cheek to take my bag to put it all in (so taking my damn project too!!)

anyway, does anyone want to put 10 into the 'buy ben a new stereo', if so, send me 10 and i will be most grateful :)
Marcus Humpage ( ) 05/12/2001 12:17:33
Greetings from 'Down Under'. I arrived here three days ago. The hotel is great - put the stuff into storage until I find a house. Dead cheap here you know.

Aussie birds are very easy going and the weather makes things even better!

Merry Christmas you strange f*ckers.

Paul o'pee pee 05/12/2001 11:24:15
This is an sos! anyone help me! thrown out of house need food and shelter! call ali to get in touch with me! got no fone! Help me
Paul o'pee pee 04/12/2001 10:59:25
Yes it is me! the real Paul O'Pee pee not queen borka pretending to be me!! Jones you twat don't you dare imply that i'm the ugly one!! when it is so obviously not!! i could be any one of the dear ugly people we know! not us though hehe! ben you'd better stop agreeing /or listening to the tripe these peole put on your site about me! or i get very angry and i'll get gowry to eat you! well at least bite you hard when you least expect it!!!! you know wat i mean!! Everyone give three cheers 4 queen borka whose birthday it is on the 10th!! buy her presents!! nothing under 100,000!! orit will be thrown back in your face! oh and its bonnie's birthday too! woo!
I will keep on applying to the university of John jo until i get accepted!! so LET ME IN!"!! argh!!!!!!!

There are no UGLY pictures of me Jones!!! they were just taking at odd moments!! ha ha ha!! :(, but it was great to see you on saturday too! even though you are a rude punpkin!!! ra!!
Wcelr8 is a loser and i do not wanna go out with him!! he should die! who is it anyway? time to go and work now!

Farewell from the one and only true not pretend Paulo
Ben ( ) 04/12/2001 01:29:38
surely any picture will do then? ;) erm, well if anything is on this weekend, i'll be sure to bring it out.. w00p w00p!
Marcus Jones ( ) 03/12/2001 18:33:29
I have returned from afar (woking town centre) and desire your royal reborkerishness to allow me to kiss her hand. HOW ARE YOU!???

Paul-Your a freak. What are these crazy posts you've been a posting? And the comment about me being a loser. Hmmm, YOU BETTER LOOK IN THE MIRROR BOY! On second thoughts dont,. I don't want you to get nightmares from your freakish face!

Michelle-It was REALLY nice seeing you on Saturday. How I've missed you!


Gowry-Hurry up and smile Queen Bitch

hee hee..... 01/12/2001 19:37:50
johnjo university 01/12/2001 19:35:54
Dear mr o'pee pee,

You application to the john jo university has been rejected for the 2743 time. please leave us alone or we will set a restrain order against u.
paul o' pee pee 01/12/2001 19:32:31
this loser Xcelr8 sounds just like my cup of tea! i want to meet you and then maybe we can...........
Paul (the real one) 29/11/2001 11:11:58
RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! as if i would ever touch ben's pants!!! eugh!! i think i'm going to vomit!! Queen borka have you been pretending your me again!! naughty naughty! this loser below me should die! la de da
Xcelr8 25/11/2001 23:09:30
What a suck-up. Still, this Paul person sounds like, how do you say - a poof.
Ben ( ) 22/11/2001 22:35:35
oh paul how nice that sounds... hmm, but let me think about this... you want me to ditch the single most greatest girl in the whole world for erm, you?!? :) I THINK NOT!

hehehehehe.... you poor sad little man you :)
paul o'pee pee 22/11/2001 00:09:00
i have a confession, i am so in love with ben. i stole ur underwear and wear them day and night, the smell around me make me so wet and horny. i think i want to marry you. get rid of gowry and u can live in my clit. mwahhh xxxxx
reborka ( ) 22/11/2001 00:07:29
OFF with ur clothes.....i mean Off with ur head! i am queen borka and i will strangle you with my six willies.
the one who shall not be named ( you know ) 22/11/2001 00:06:04
i am the great, the powerful, the strongest. i defy anyone who speaks otherwise. i am Lord Johnjo, the one who killed harry potter's parents with my one eyed snake and its eggs.
Unlucky Alf 18/11/2001 12:27:36
Oh bugger, left me bus pass at 'ome again.
Paul 15/11/2001 10:50:41
Mr humpage is mark jones!!!???
oh my lordy!! if only i knew i would have been even meaner!! The club was so crap on saturday and i defy anyone who says it was not!! probably will see you this week!! the railway putney - friday or saturday!! you are all welcome to come!! - no freaks please except gowry of course!! love to you all
Simon G ( ) 12/11/2001 13:20:20
well hello.... Old bean,

Haven't spoken to you in ages!!!

Hope your ok, love the site, very informative.

speak to you soon mate ;)

Ben ( ) 11/11/2001 17:50:07
yes mr o'leary, you have become a regular in these parts :) Although Mr Humpage is quickly catching up, hope the club was good for all and hope to see you all next week :P

ali... who wants whose numba ? ;)
Marcus Humpage ( ) 09/11/2001 13:26:35
Hi Everyone,

Well, this is it - I'm emigrating to Melbourne. I'm fed up with the British women expecting so much but giving so little! I want an easy going Aussie bird.

I've booked myself a first-class ticket and I'm off next month. Don't worry, I'll say hello once I'm there! heh heh.

Must dash... Estate agent at the door with a prospective buyer...
Tis i paul ( ) 08/11/2001 10:21:58
Hello hoe bored am i!!! colege is causing me to want to kill everyone around me!! I seem to sign this book everyday!! help me!!! How is everyone doing!! well i hope! I want to scratch my bum!1
Ali Dowell 08/11/2001 10:18:53
Well this mr Humpernickle man is sounding better by the day!! maybe you are not a prick!! give me a call!! i'm single well nearly ask ben to give you my number!! ha ha ha ha i am stupid
Marcus Humpage ( ) 07/11/2001 16:53:01
Hi there all you strange people.

Well, Mrs. Humpage is no more. I kicked her out of the house, literally, and then got one of those new super-quick divorces. She didn't get half the house because I bought it entirely in the first place. Ha ha.

So, whilst looking around to replace her, I am thinking of emigrating to Melbourne, Australia to find Flic from Neighbours before she 'comes' over to the UK and gets really famous. heh heh

That's it for now. Have a new email address - hope it works.
Until next time...
Ali - he he not really 06/11/2001 12:52:49
Michell frangoose
why don't you join in the fun and sign the guestbook you silly cow
11 do it now!! Marcus hupernickle is a fool and yes we are from this black hole you talk of now go away you prick!!
Paul 06/11/2001 12:47:28
Nice to see that i am not on your list of "friends" but that scag Ali is!!! thanx!!! You better get your camera fixed soon so you can put up some more disgusting pictures of us!!

To Borka: U is a porka girl who is obsessed wit John-jo!! you need to get a life like me!!! ha ha!! we will ule the world!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Wit your six dicks and my great clit no one can stop us!!
Paul o'pee pee 06/11/2001 12:41:46
I would like to apply for the John-poe course!!! i have been practising and have eaten 5 million sheep!! i know this is nowhere near the standard of a John- but is good? no? And please has anyone found my clit???
university of john-jo ( ) 04/11/2001 01:45:23
Dear all,

applications for the john-.... degree are now being accepted. you can choose from:

paul o'pee pee 04/11/2001 01:41:36
hello, its me paul o'pee pee. can anyone tell me where my clit has gone? i cant find it? its huge, u cant miss it. love paul o'pee pee!
becks ( ) 04/11/2001 01:39:46
paul o'pee pee: u and i are going to rule the world, pack ur toothbrush!

alfie: when is our walk?

gow gow: i want my sticker

ben: DVD!

love queen borka xxxxxxxxxxx
Marcus Humpage ( ) 02/11/2001 16:47:36
So more galleries to come then? Bugger. Who are all these nutters? Have they somehow climbed out of a very deep black hole?

Sorry if you have been unable to contact me. I will be changing my address at the request of Mrs. Humpage. When she complained, I told her to know her limits but then I got some that night so I agreed to change it. Will update you...
Ben ( ) 31/10/2001 16:47:15
no the camera is still about, just a bit scratched where i dropped it :( more photos going up soon :)
Paul 30/10/2001 12:50:14
I know many of these "friends" and now will release my views on them all!!
Gowry looks like a monkey on heat, Ali is a skinny wretch who goes out with the most disturbingly ugly boy in the world...harry. This mark jones is a loser!! Borka is a real porka who doesn't look like john-jo at all (althought she wishes it!). Richard = tosser, Rupert = ?hmmm?. Michelle frangoose is smelly> the only sane handsome fab person is me!! paul although it doesn't look like it from those pictures but really i am!!! love to you all except for you - bitch!!
John-Jo 30/10/2001 12:44:30
Paul ( ) 30/10/2001 12:43:21
Who dares to impercinate moi?!?!?! and who dares to think that they are the loyal servant of Queen Borka!! I am You leave her be!! Get well ben!
Marcus Humpage ( ) 28/10/2001 22:39:08
So is the photo gallery getting a little too annoying to update, or has the camera been thrown into the back of the cupboard for evermore? (There's always hope)
zak 24/09/2001 19:53:36
Hi ben, thanks for helping us out when we needed your help most!!!!!!
Anyway u can't use my network to upload your holiday snaps!!!!!!


%%^$&$""**( 12/09/2001 11:53:28
mini carb neone?
zak ( ) 04/09/2001 18:02:33
hi Ben & Gowry

Great to read that u are both having a great time.

cold here, summer'sgone !!!

See you when u get back

........ 21/08/2001 00:27:23
has anyone seen my TWEEESERS!?
paulo pee wee 21/08/2001 00:24:03
i have just taking a dump and i cant reach to wipe my bum.....can someone help me?
Got Lost!?!? 17/08/2001 12:37:10
Donde esta la plaza de touros?
tigger 04/08/2001 17:26:13
donkey will always smell and have flys swarming around her but we will forever love her.
OLIVIA ( ) 04/08/2001 17:18:57
hello ben, cool website bad pictures of me though you are a terrible photographer and could learn a few tips from the best which is can contact me i charge a reasonable rate for my services cause in honesty u need help (only joking) see u soon olivia xxx
Ash 03/08/2001 16:35:05
And how comes I'm not one of your friends? You don't have many friends do you? :)
Ash ( ) 03/08/2001 16:31:03
Bonjour Mr Griffiths
Well I thought I should make you look more popular but we all know the truth that you just keep on mailing to yourself (changeing the names obviosly) Well See you in college on monday
Queen Borka 31/07/2001 17:21:00
Good Squire, hold my majestic hand.
loyal servant 30/07/2001 19:44:50
Hail Queen Borka!
fan of borka 30/07/2001 18:52:04
borka rules!!!
SALMA ( ) 19/07/2001 23:35:40
Im zaks little sister, he told me about your website and i found it really cool to read. You gotto get rid off the old school pic!!
The REAL Becky ( ) 12/07/2001 09:46:05
How insulting!!!
Borka 10/07/2001 17:05:59
Who is pretending to be reborka!? i didnt eat harry's foot with chips it was with cheese. yum yum
Reborka 09/07/2001 15:26:12
I ate your foot harry, with chips. It was delicious!
Reborka 07/07/2001 16:53:54
I had ur foot harry, but i sold it.
BonBon ( ) 07/07/2001 04:29:48
where is everybody??? dont forget me..... im still ickle....

i'm a very lost piglet.... boohoo!!!!

Harry Knight 04/07/2001 14:25:29
I woke up this morning and noticed that my left foot has gone missing. If anybody has seen it or mistaken it for their foot could they give me a call as soon as possible as i am finding walking rather difficult at the moment. Thanks!
Jesus 04/07/2001 14:19:50
hello ben this is jesus, i just happened to be surfing the internet and came accross your wbsite. I'm very impressed - keep up the good work
The OTHER mermaid. Nudge nudge wink wink 03/07/2001 14:55:13
Look at this trove,
treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Looking around here you think,
She/he s got everything.
I got Ciggies and Drinkies aplenty,
I got rabies and herpes galore,
You want HIV? I got plenty,
But who cares? No big deal. I want moreeeeeeee
the little mermaid 03/07/2001 14:47:19
look at this stuff
isnt it neat?
wouldn't u think my collections complete?
wouldn't u think im the girl/boy
the girl/boy who has everything............................blah blah blah!
Becky ( ) 03/07/2001 14:45:34
infatuated with borka!!? that's prob u mr jones!! hee hee! thump thump thump bah bahh bahh!!

nice pics ben, i think u have an obsession with ur digi cam!

love borka!
J 02/07/2001 23:56:49
I ate them
Y 02/07/2001 18:26:23
Has anyone seen my shoes?
Brian 02/07/2001 13:49:46
That 'dirty trench coat' is MINE! I want it back. I only left it there for a minute and Ben steals it.
By the way Ben, no one can get to the ball photos. FIX THEM and GET SOME THUMBNAILS
J 02/07/2001 01:57:30
I'd just like to say that Ben found a dirty trench coat hanging in an alley way and he wore it all Saturday night ewwwwwww
Mark ( ) 29/06/2001 17:39:43
Who keeps writing these stupid poems?! I reckon its Narinda (Gowry).
Ben, hurry up and put up the ball photos!!!
See u @ Harrys.
Infatuatedwithborka 27/06/2001 13:24:39
Becky, u don't wear speckys.
In your luverly apparatus
Eyes of starlight
Voice of milkshake
You eat McChicken Sandwich
I eat Big Mac.
Ghekko ( ) 26/06/2001 18:35:14
I thought its about time i signed ur guestbook! Well done bengy its lookin good. It would look alot better if it didn't contain pic of me standin in fields lookin suicidal! :) but lov the rest of the pics, v. funny.

love you
your ghekko
BonBon ( ) 21/06/2001 10:57:56
this is a wikid site, luv da pixs from friday nite& my bday !!! i was pretty much makin the most of the drinks post-Alevel! yet i was kissin the loo the very next day. hmmm..... ohwell! u madman! i agree with borka-more photos pls!!! and take that shite one off with me and paul!!!

...and smile! :D

luv, bonbonxxxxxxxxxx
Borcka Lover 18/06/2001 12:24:25
Ode to pretty lady...

Borka Oh Borka
You ain't no Porka
Have my Babies?

With luv from an anonymous internet user
Flip^ ( ) 11/06/2001 16:17:36
Great work on the photo album....I want more pictures of me dammit! :)

Keep updating those'll be much much betters.

Yours truly. Mr Fish
Zak ( ) 24/05/2001 15:08:45
Armaan get off the internet, how many times do I have to tell you!!!!
Ben's not really popular, he's paid me to sign his guest book.
armaan ( ) 24/05/2001 15:07:07
thanks for the web site
BORKA! ( ) 15/05/2001 17:16:59
ben ben ben!!!

ahhh....wicked! love the photos! u need MORE of the one and only borka to prove that they exist!

neway keep putting more photos on!

love borka xxx

p.s rembember our OLD motto: "who need's........when u've got friends!" hee hee
Cheryl Smith ( ) 14/05/2001 23:30:39
Well done Benji! Yet another brilliantly designed website, im very proud of you, i know how much effort you put into it :)Wish you didnt put them pics of me on it though, you know how much i hate them!!
Ben ( ) 14/05/2001 23:08:00
C'mon people, sign my guestbook and make me look popular :)


Sunday, 7 March

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