hello there people and welcome to my site which basically just tells you a bit about me and stuff, heck I was never any good about self evaluation, so bear with me :)

this is my new 'fresh look' site, which replaces the drab black one I previously had, but also allows me to put on some extra stuff (which I will import from my old site) like my family, what i do, where i do it and generally anything else.

oh yeah, and by the way, you are visitor number 1879182, just in case you wanted to know ;)

so the basics first, my name (as you must have obviously gathered) is ben griffiths, i was born on the 22nd january 1981 (making me currently 40) and live in london in the good old uk.

i work at citibank in lewisham, doing general database / web programming work whilst on my placement year from computer science at kingston university.

oh, and i don't like capital letters ;)

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you can find my full details on my cv but if you just want the basics, here you go......

email: ben@bengriffiths.co.uk
mobile: +44 (0)7803 136 968
msn chat: soultripper@hotmail.com
icq #: i forgot :)


Tuesday, 18 May


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