Event: Elaine and Michelle's 18th Birthday House Party
Date: 21-11-1998
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Picture the scene..... 20 drunken teenagers with free alcohol and no boundaries in a quiet suburban house.... FuCKING MENTAL?!?$%%

That was the scene that greeted anyone that dared to walk past, people getting thrown out of windows, wild punch up's in the garden, orgies in the kitchen and the next door neighbour taking anyone who would go, into the toilet with him.

Well, OK, so we made all that up, except the last bit, which IS true.....

21 November 1998 was the second day of the twin's being 18, and to try and boost their popularity, they invited anyone who would turn up to their party. All was nice and quiet for the first two hours but then the alcohol really set in and things started to happen....... except they didn't..... unless you count one bloke being sick and a paedophile taking all the boys into the bogz.

Yours truly was there, and with a bit of help from a scanner has recreated the party atmosphere so we won't forget it........

Afshan and Nisha (again!).jpg

Afshan and SOMEONE take a nap together.jpg

Afshan, Ben and a very drunk Nisha.jpg

Andrea posing for camera.jpg

Andrea tries to scare off camera man with blast of bio.jpg

Ben and Cheryl have a cuddle.jpg

Ben and Cheryl with Red Hair.jpg

Ben rests on floor, Cheryl goes to join him. Kelly, Elaine and Heather have a natter.jpg

Cheryl can't take the drink and falls asleep on Ben (who's dead 'ard).jpg

Cheryl cuddles strange blonde bloke.jpg

Cheryl decides Ben is the comfiest chair around.jpg

Damon after getting bitten by James.jpg

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