Event: Last Day At College (College Leg)
Date: 14-05-1999
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Sniff, Sniff!

that was the general noise coming from the depths of the ADT common room on the last day (and for some the last time they would ever see some of their chums) at college bash.

The common room seemed kinda mellow, with people trying to get last photos, hugging their mates and generally being mad... hey, did I say MELLOW??

After being assembled around many chairs dotted around, we were given a look over the years at what we had done and achieved, along with some very embarrassing photos of our little selves :)

Alas, it all had to end, so a load of us went off to the local pub, to later meet up again that night at the Whetherspoons in Wimbledon (see Wimbledon Whetherspoons Leg).

alys and alison dish out prizes!.jpg

alys in wig and alison.jpg

alys, simon and alison.jpg

alys, susanna, charlene, kate, gemma, alison and simon.jpg

ben and cheryl.jpg

big group.jpg


cheryl and damian.jpg

crazy dressed up group, with ashar.jpg

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