Event: Ben and Gowry in Brighton
Date: 06-05-2001
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Needing a much earned break :) we decided to go away for the bank holiday weekend from the sunday to the monday (yeah, straight after Harry's house party!) so travelled down at about 11am to miss all the traffic.

To start with, we went to Devil's Dyke (the photos of the hill) to get some lunch and have a look around, but we really wanted to get to Brighton, so headed off as soon as lunch was over.

Spent a while trying to find somewhere to stay, which we eventually did and it was quite a nice place (forgot to take photos! duh!). Then general walking around stuff and money spending (of which much went!) until the nite.

The photos in a warm looking place are Yates, where we drunk a bit, before moving onto club Paradox which was an absolute blast! Played all sortsa music so we were both happy. Hmmm, except Gowry seemed to get tired whenever mine came on!

The next day was spent looking around and buying felix memorobelia, before we headed back, taking a trip to Worthing en route.... which was pointless :)

A greatweekend to be had by all methinks.... roll on next one... woo hoo!










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