Event: Car Stereo Gets Nicked CCTV Footage
Date: 04-12-2001
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picture this, 5:44 on the morning of tuesday 4th december, someone walking along suddenly decides they want a new stereo... AHAH! they spot a rover with some interesting looking equipment, i know... lets nick it!

yup, thats what happened.

i couldn't afford a 17.50 parking permit to allow me to park in my road (the one shown in the top left) so had to leave it at the end of the road (no permit needed). this was my fatal mistake, as , if i had bought a 17.50 permit, i could have saved almost 500!

if you watch the video (to be put on later) you can see exactly how it happened, but just for reference.

the guy walks almost past the car until he notices the 6x9's on the parcel shelf (i knew i should have hidden them :(). he then goes back to look in the front for the head unit (now i think i left the front on, doh!), looks good so starts on the lock.

about 5 minutes later (ametuer eh? :)) he gets in (by totally destroying the lock) and procedes to try and remove the head (sony mdx-6500r). 15 minutes later?!? he finally gets it off, and then (bastard!) notices the cable for the boot changer (sony cdx-727) oh, but not before ripping the remote cord!

so he climbs in the back (5 minutes before the taxi turns up) and starts to remove the back seat (folds down), takes the changer (with all my cd's in it) and takes up the carpet to get the cabling out. now trys to remove the rear speakers (pioneer tse-2995).

taxi turns up and parks opposite (6:10) driver appears to go into house.

WRONG! at 6:20(ish) the taxi flashes headlights.... HE WAS IN THE CAR WATCHING THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!

6:23am - thief finally finishes (cannot remove speakers), takes my university bag (all notes , pens etc), my new copy of FHM (!) gets out rear driver side door and leaves in direction he came from, not even locking the damn door!

i find car at 8pm the next night.......... BASTARD!!!

how did i know all this? well, luckily (or not?) the house i was parked in front of had cctv to protect the vw beetle (the car in view) and they found it for me.... dunno if it will be much help, but i f*cking hope so :)

so... damage caused (apart from inside, the head put up a fight! but damaged all the console)...

head unit (sony mdx-6500r) - 140.00
cd changer (sony cd-727) - 150.00
remote (sony xrs8) - 25
cd's in the changer - 150 (est)
fhm december edition :) - 4
driver side door lock - 120

total - 585

note to self - GET A CAR ALARM! even if the car ain't worth much, a 150 alarm would have saved 585! BUGGER!

01 - the last time the stereo is safe.jpg

02 - thief approaches car.jpg

03 - notices rear 6x9s.jpg

04 - goes back for a closer look.jpg

05 - ducks down to see right inside.jpg

06 - starts on the lock.jpg

07 - now starts to put some real effort in.jpg

08 - door finally open (see interior light).jpg

09 - he's in (turns light off).jpg

10 - light of house opposite comes on.jpg

11 - a car drives past, he doesn't care.jpg

12 - more cars, just keeps going.jpg

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