Event: Max Power Live in Birmingham
Date: 13-07-2002
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it was supposed to be the summer outing of the century, me, judge and greg heading off to birmingham for the max power live show and the on to the big city, all trashed at the last minute by a cancellation from greg... or was it?

by fuck it was....

the show itself was wicked with loads of mod'ed cars, babes (mod'ed also :)) and shit loads to do. must admit, most of that was shopping, but i'm only gonna go once a year, so why the hell not! you can see from the picks how the show went, so not much point explaining all that.

right, anyway, after that we found our way to birmingham city centre, had a quick freshen up in the hotel then hit the streets... well, wetherspoons :) yes, home of the cheap drinks we had to start there. (oh we had had a nandos first) downing as much as we could as quick as we could to head off to our final destination.

the works :)

yes, recently voted official number one club in the uk and i can see why. the place was wicked, nothing like the kingston one, there was loads of floors, the most cool toilets you ever seen (rock pools and stuff) and the music... oh the music! none of the rnb garage shit, this was proper dance/trance/hard house, but the commercial stuff (so basically the stuff i love!) so i was in heaven (and well pissed :))

i so wanna go up again.... ;)

... maybe next week! :P













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